Codeplugs for OpenGD77 compatible HT and mobile radios

(Nov 2022)

This is a small collection of codeplugs for radios with the OpenGD77 firmware like my Radioddity GD77, prepared for the regions where I live or travel.

Every codeplug includes several FM and DMR repeaters in that region plus channel tables for PMR446 (FM and DMR), SRD and some other frequencies depending on domestic laws.
With a codeplug like this, one is able to use local HAM radio FM/DMR repeaters and communicate with unlicenced friends on the PMR446 or Freenet channels.

I tried to use an intuitive naming scheme, that displays a good amount of information while adhering the limits of the firmware. There still may be room for improvement. (OE2WHP inspired me to do this)

The ham repeater landscape is constantly changing and it is not always easy to get correct and current data about those stations. I mostly used or DARC's repeater list for foreign countries. General Features

Czech Republic
Poland, tbd Switzerland/Liechtenstein, tbd


(last update: Dec 2022)